The 10 trend jobs in Australia, according to Lynx People

Are you planning your future in Australia and would like to have an idea on how the job market is going to be in the next few years? 

Or, are you willing to find out if your qualifications are in high demand in the country nowadays? 

The Lynx People General Manager, Evelin Alvares, may be able to help you out. On October 10, she went live on the Information Planet Facebook to give an overview of trend jobs in Australia and predict what will be happening around here in the future. 

The following are some of the thoughts she shared during the interview.

Lynx adapted the interview for clarity.  

Information Planet (IP)What are the largest industries in Australia? 

Evelin Alvares (EA): We’ve got recent research projecting the next five years, how the industry is growing, and where the opportunities are in Australia. 

-The first field is Health Care. Remember, you need to have your licenses and accreditations to be working in this area. 

-Second is Retail, which may be harder for foreigners because Australians take the majority of positions.  

– The third is Construction- that includes a lot of trade jobs. 

– The fourth is Business Professionals, Scientific & Technical Services. I’d say anything to do with Science, IT and Engineering are expanding, and we are looking for those people. 

-Lastly, it is Education & Training. 

 Only to clarify, these industries are not related to the Immigration list. We are talking about different things here.

 IP: What are the most popular occupations in Australia? Could you name a few? 

EA: Based on the same research, I’ll go through the occupations with more details. They are:

– Aged & Disabled care;

– Registered Nurses. As a nurse, you may need to have a certificate depending on the level. Regional areas are looking for them, and we have some positions coming up soon.


– General Sales & Assistants; 


-General Clerk;

-Truck Drivers. It is a must for foreigners as they can’t fill all positions with Australians. We have jobs coming up in trade regularly. 

– IT, Engineering & Software programming. It is the field Lynx is trying to place the most people at the moment.  

– Advertising, Public Relations, and Sales Manager. We have positions in regional areas for people from overseas, as well.

-GP’s and Doctors. If you have the certifications but can’t find a job, contact us. 

If you’re a foreigner and you didn’t get your qualifications in Australia, you may need to assess your skills and qualifications before applying for a job.

IP: Those ten positions will be at the top of the Australian market. However, in which areas the number of jobs tends to decline in the next five years? 

EA: This is a prediction made by the same research, and takes into consideration the industries. They pointed out electricity, gas, water, and waste services. Agriculture is up and down. However, my perspective is that the opportunities may increase for foreigners in the field. The market is producing, and there are not many locals who want to work on it. And the last is Forestry and Fishing. These fields will be declining in the next few years, but it won’t necessarily affect foreigners.

IP: How can Lynx help people from overseas to succeed in Australia? 

EA: Lots of people find it difficult to enter the workforce. Some people are working on jobs that have nothing to do with their studies, or what they love. We have top companies in Australia looking for people who have the skills. They have tried for months and years sometimes, but couldn’t fill the position within the Australia pool. We come aboard to close this gap. We have qualified candidates who have worked in these fields for years. They can’t take those jobs, because companies usually don’t understand they can hire foreigners. We can find the right person to assist the company and, at the same time, help the candidate to stay in Australia. Do you have any qualifications related to any of the fields mentioned before? If so, submit your resume on Lynx’s website today.