How to get your first job in Australia when you lack experience?

What’s your story? Have you finished high school in your home town and moved to Australia to get a higher education? Or, have you come here to learn English, and you found it as an opportunity to change careers?

Whatever your situation, you have now decided to enter the Australian workforce. And you don’t know how to land your first job in the country because you lack experience in a specific field. 

If you are looking for your first job, but you don’t have much work history to share in your resume, you may find the tips below helpful.

The following content was part of a Facebook Live event hosted by Information Planet in partnership with Lynx People. 

Rediscover yourself 

Before taking another step, you should evaluate your plans and projects. Do you wish to change careers, or grow in your field? 

“Sometimes, we’d like to try something different from what we’ve been doing our whole life. After considering what you want for your future, you can start planning,” said the Lynx People general manager Evelin Alvares.   

Redefining work experience 

People do not acquire knowledge and develop skills in a work environment only. 

According to Evelin, when new job-seekers participate in an interview, they may need to answer questions about how they interact in their family, school, universities, and other places. Were you a leader among your colleagues? Have you organised any projects, for example? 

Transferable skills 

 You may need some training and education to be able to work in a particular position. But, there are abilities you can apply in all sorts of jobs, such as leadership, management, planning, and negotiation.   

“You have to remember everything you did in the past, list your transferable skills and use formal words to explain it in your CV,” said Evelin. 

Gaining experience 

While job-searching, people can do some parallel activities to improve their resume and increase the chances of getting into the field they want. 

-Volunteering is one of the best opportunities to gain experience. If it has everything to do with the job you’re chasing, you can count it as work practice. You can even use a job title to describe it, such as an accountant, social media coordinator, or marketing specialist. According to the general manager, it is even better if you can highlight some key achievements. 

“The employer doesn’t want to know if you got paid to do the job, but if you knew how to perform your tasks,” said Evelin. 

 When it is not related to the position, and you aim to help the community only, you can still add it to your CV under volunteering. Remember to mention your soft skills, as well. 

-Freelance jobs are another possibility in some fields. “For those who can work from a computer, there are many websites to register and offer services. It can give you the experience you need without an employment contract.”

Evelin says people should start charging the average price. After delivering a few jobs, they can begin to raise their rates. “They can also write these experiences in the resume, saying they’ve been working on different projects in that platform.”

Here is a list of websites Evelin suggests: FreelancerUpworkToptal, and Fiverr

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