How can Australian businesses benefit from hiring foreigners?

Wouldn’t it be easier for companies if they could find a qualified worker living close to their office? In reality it is not always possible. One option is to train current employees or new staff members, but not all businesses can afford that.

When skilled people are in shortage and there is a position waiting to be filled, hiring a foreigner may be the best solution for employers in Australia.

As reported by The Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 526,000 migrants arrived in Australia in 2018. In total, more than 7 million people born abroad were living here in the same year.

Although they hold different types of visas, a large part of the group has permission to work in Australia. As long as organisations respect visa criteria, they can benefit from employing migrants in many ways.

Qualification, experience and new concepts  

Most foreigners have an extensive work history. In most cases, they’re ready to do the job and contribute to the rest of the team.

“Migrants and refugees bring international experiences and cultural perspectives, including new questions and new ideas about your business. These ideas can change the way you do business for the better”, says the Department of Social Service’s employment guide New Arrivals, New Connections.

Commitment and resilience     

According to Lynx People consultants, foreigners leave their home country willing to make a dream come true. Reasons may vary, but they all face some sort of difficulty adapting to a new place and overcome cultural barriers.  Learning another language is one of the many challenges they encounter on the way.

Because they’re motived to beat the obstacles of living abroad, international workers usually show the same enthusiasm and determination in the workplace.

People from overseas are also inclined to spend years working for the same company. Sometimes, these organisations make it possible for them to become permanent residents, or they may see an opportunity for career growth.

 Diversity and creativity  

In an environment full of different backgrounds, there is room for a variety of approaches, knowledge, and opinions. This is a space for problem-solving and where employees can come up with better answers.

A diverse workplace may need adaptation and a set of practices, but it has an impact on the successes and effectiveness of an organisation.  

Meir Shelma wrote in a Forbes article, [diversity] “helps provide insight into the needs and motivation of all your clients or customer base, rather than just a small part of it”.

As stated in the employment guide, “a diverse workforce is better equipped to create products and services that meet the needs of a diverse market. A diverse workforce reflects the diverse customer base in multicultural Australia”.

Cost-effective hiring

Hiring foreigners does not need to be expensive and complicated. Lynx People have a no cost and low turnover service for businesses looking for overseas candidates. With no placements fees, Lynx takes care of all the paperwork involved in the process of employing an international worker.  

If your company is willing to find the perfect candidate, we are here to help.