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Top quality global candidates.

Zero placement fees for companies.

Here's Why ...

Lynx People is disrupting and evolving the world of recruitment - for the better.


Lynx People helps take the pain, cost, time, and hassle out of recruitment and connects your company with a network of highly-skilled candidates you’ve previously not had easy access to.

No costs, no fuss, fast placement, thousands of skilled, active candidates available right now. We give you access to skilled candidates previously unavailable.

One of the most attractive things to employers using our services is that our candidates are supremely motivated to remain at your company once placed. We have a huge database of thousands of skilled people from overseas who are living in Australia that want to remain here. 

We place them into positions available at no cost to your company and they are driven and motivated to succeed and stay. The future is in Australia and Lynx is ready to support its growth.

We do all the leg work and heavy lifting for you, and our talent pool is highly motivated to remain with your company – this is recruitment redefined.

Redefined concept​

Our passion for offering the best candidates from around the world with no placement fees for companies using our services is helping us changing the face of the recruitment industry.

No cost, low turnover

No costs, no fuss, and fast placement from a huge talent pool available. Our candidates are more dedicated to succeed, and are driven and motivated to stay at your company. We have zero placement fees for companies using our services!

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Our database consists of thousands of people from all around the world who are ready to go now. They are pre-screened, qualified, and are all actively looking for positions.

We can start sending you candidates immediately.

World’s Best Talent

Why limit your search to just Australia? If you can't find the perfect candidate, allow us to tap into our global pool of highly-skilled individuals who are available right now.

There's no risk and we're ready to send you CVs today!

Overcome “Visa” Fears

Forget the concept that hiring people who are not Australian citizens is difficult. We do everything, including the paperwork. It's fast, easy, and free. All you need to do is select the best person for the job!
It's hassle free!

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