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We are the recruitment company that is disrupting, changing, and evolving the world of recruitment for the better. We bring to Australia a concept that is already well established in the US and we are changing the face of recruitment in Australia for the better.

Lynx People provides a vital bridge between companies looking for the best talent and candidates looking for a career change in Australia.

And there are no recruitment fees for any company using our service. Unlike many recruitment companies who charge between 10 and 25% of the salary for a placement, our is 0%.
$0. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Forever.

Your company could save hundreds of thousands of dollars by using Lynx People. Join the revolution. You can register your interest on this form.

A global talent pool

Imagine if your company could expand your candidate search outside of Australia to tap into a huge network of global, talented staff. Imagine no more - Lynx People do this for you.

Vigorous candidate verification​

Hiring the right person is a crucial decision. We have a vigorous verification process for all candidates to ensure that not only is the right candidate placed, but they stay and succeed.

Highly-motivated candidates

Our database is full of skilled people wanting to work in Australia. It's more than a job - it's a lifestyle choice. Companies benefit from having driven, hungry candidates who are motivated to stay in Australia, therefore motivated to succeed.

Understanding goals​

For us to place the right person, we need to thoroughly understand the goals of both parties. We work tirelessly to clearly understand both the company and the candidate alike, to ensure the right fit every time.​

No hassles!​

We take care of absolutely everything. We source and provide you the candidates, take care of all paperwork, and place them in your company with no recruitment fees. Ever. Happy days.​

Candidate Verification

Lynx People have top quality, skilled people wanting to either remain in Australia, or start a new life there. As such, it is vital for us to ensure that once we recommend a candidate for a new position, that they have gone through our stringent verification process. Our priority is a win-win situation for the candidate and the company alike, so we need to ensure that the experience that the claim on their CV is true, their work history is correct, their background and reference checks all pass with flying colours, and that we are happy to put them forward for any vacancies you may have.


Behavioural Based Interviewing (BBI)


Each candidate that is registered on our database has been personally interviewed by our consultants. We use BBI that focus on actions and behaviours, rather than only personal impressions, making it a more accurate and genuine process. This method of interviewing style has been evaluated, studied and practiced for over 30 years and is a key component of recruitment processes at some of the world’s best known companies.


Reference Checks


We always conduct detailed reference checks (including all international references) and provide a summary of the feedback to you.


Visa/Qualification Knowledge


We are have placed hundreds of candidates from all around the world into a myriad of positions in Australia. As such, we are specialists on checking work permits and understanding the probability of getting full-time work permission, depending on the candidates’ qualification and experience.

Salary guide​


Lynx People’s Salary Guide provides an overview of industry salaries in Australia for professionals. Our salaries are based on actual placements made by our offices in Australia, as well as an analysis of the demand for the role, the supply of talent and other market conditions.

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