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Our recruitment fees for companies = $0

We're Different.

We are the recruitment company that is disrupting, changing, and evolving the world of recruitment for the better. We bring to Australia a concept that is already well established in the US and we are changing the face of recruitment in Australia for the better.

Lynx People provides a vital bridge between companies looking for the best talent and candidates looking for a career change in Australia.

And there are no recruitment fees for any company using our service. Unlike many recruitment companies who charge between 10 and 25% of the salary for a placement, our is 0%.
$0. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Forever.

Your company could save hundreds of thousands of dollars by using Lynx People. Join the revolution. You can register your interest on this form.

A global talent pool

Imagine if your company could expand your candidate search outside of Australia to tap into a huge network of global, talented staff. Imagine no more - Lynx People do this for you.

Vigorous candidate verification​

Hiring the right person is a crucial decision. We have a vigorous verification process for all candidates to ensure that not only is the right candidate placed, but they stay and succeed.

Highly-motivated candidates

Our database is full of skilled people wanting to work in Australia. It's more than a job - it's a lifestyle choice. Companies benefit from having driven, hungry candidates who are motivated to stay in Australia, therefore motivated to succeed.

Understanding goals​

For us to place the right person, we need to thoroughly understand the goals of both parties. We work tirelessly to clearly understand both the company and the candidate alike, to ensure the right fit every time.​

No hassles!​

We take care of absolutely everything. We source and provide you the candidates, take care of all paperwork, and place them in your company with no recruitment fees. Ever. Happy days.​

Our Company

Why we're passionate and why we get results

Lynx People is the future of recruitment, both for companies and candidates. We match top quality companies looking for talent with unrivalled, motivated people looking for their next step in their careers.

We pride ourselves on giving Australian companies access to top quality global candidates and placing them with no recruitment fees for companies. An innovative way of recruiting, we are focused on easing the barrier between Australian companies and international employees. Matching experience and skills from all around the world with Australian companies looking for the best talent. You can register your interest on this form.

Our Values

​ Results

Our Mission

Our mission is to help Australian organisations have access to a talent pool of qualified, skilled candidates from around the world and place these people quickly, hassle free, and with no recruitment fees.

Hungry, motivated, driven, skilled staff are available to help Australian companies grow and succeed.

Our Vision

The future is in Australia and Lynx People is ready to support its growth. We are disrupting and evolving the world of recruitment for the better. We are a specialised head-hunting agency; our our goal is to place ideal candidates in vacant positions whilst assisting skilled foreigners to live and work in Australia.

Our vision is to change the way companies recruit for the better. Forever.

Our team

Our world-class consultants are passionate about bringing the best talent to the best companies in order to grow Australian industries to help achieve their goals.

Each member of our team is a specialist in their field. Together, we make sure you have a stress-free process and that both parties absolutely happy - companies and employees alike. The foundation of our team is built on individuals who are exceptional, passionate, driven, and successful in business.

Ana Julia Figueiredo Carusi

Ana Carusi is an entrepreneur and successful business owner who is passionate about helping people. With an incredibly acute sight when it comes to spotting business opportunities from afar, Ana has built three successful businesses in Australia and is a leading professional within the Migration and Education sectors. Having supported over 10,000 foreigners to reach their academic and professional objectives in Australia, she has been at the forefront of the industry for over 14 years. In addition to being the founder of a prominent migration law firm and Director of an international student agency with worldwide operations, Ana is also State Director for the Australia Brazil Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) in WA. In her role at the ABBC, Ana has found herself in a strategic position to liaison with the corporate and public sectors, whilst joining hands with local and foreign governments to promote Australia’s economic growth. Having experienced firsthand how Australian businesses might benefit from greater and more effective interaction with foreign nations, Ana has conceptualised and founded Lynx People, Australia’s first foreign skill recruitment agency, with a vision to extinguish skill gaps in our industries.

Chris Dutton

Chris Dutton has been a true entrepreneur and visionary in the media industry since emigrating from the UK in 2005. He came to Australia with a wealth of media experience in both online and traditional print media, and he has held senior management positions at a number of global media corporations since he began his career back in 1992.
Chris founded his award-winning company upon arrival in Australia with $50 working from his spare bedroom, and has grown it with undoubted success through one of the worst financial periods in the world. Whilst The CEO Magazine was founded in Australia, Chris expanded the iconic publication throughout the world and into 39 countries; it is now widely recognised as one of the most influential luxury business magazines in the world with a brand reach of 3.9 million.
In 2015, Chris was invited as part of an elite group of global entrepreneurs to brainstorm ideas with Richard Branson at his home on Necker Island, only to return in 2016 to spend more time with Branson himself. Chris is regularly on national radio and Sky Business news – he is the epitome of a successful entrepreneur and lives on Sydney’s north shore.

Julio De Laffitte

Julio is a highly accomplished business man and multi-faceted entrepreneur with an infectious passion for all things wealth, economics and business. Financial intelligence is at heart and soul of everything Julio does, and it’s made him a sought-after commentator and educator around the world. From addressing the stage at NSW Parliament House to leading 106 entrepreneurs on a 10-day global think-tank in Antarctica, Julio is a dynamic game-changer who seeks to help, inspire and enable those with whom he comes in contact with. Julio’s mission is to raise the financial intelligence of Australia.

Evelin Alvares

Evelin is a dedicated and passionate business advocate whose ability to combine ideal talent with specific corporate needs make her one of Australia’s best Head Hunters. Known for being a savvy leader who is devoted to her clients and to helping job seekers achieve their objectives and potentials, Evelin’s warm and thoughtful personality flourishes as she displays unwavering commitment to achieving excellent results. In terms of her background, after completing a Post-Graduate Degree in Marketing in her home country, Evelin embarked on a journey to Australia - where she found true professional fulfilment working with foreigners and helping Australian business to prosper. With an extensive repertoire in change management and entrepreneurship, Evelin reached one of the peaks of her career when she was invited to open two accommodation businesses in Perth and Brisbane, forming part of a group with nationwide operations. Altogether, Evelin has over 10 years’ experience leading people of different cultures and backgrounds and is a true expert when it comes to cultural intelligence.