6 Tips to Strengthen a Relationship with a Recruiter

Looking for a job overseas may be a challenge, but it doesn’t need to be a lonely process. Many job seekers count on recruiters to help them find their next role. 

These experts can use their knowledge and networking to guide candidates throughout the process. However, their main goal is to assist companies to employ people who are willing to work hard and achieve the best results. 

Recruiters are the connections between those pursuing their next career goal and those who will hire them. 

If you’re one of them, you may have figured out by now that creating a strong relationship with a recruiter will put you a step closer to getting the job you want in Australia. 

Here are some ways you can benefit from this partnership:

Learn more about recruitment professionals and how they operate. A long-time recruiter and career coach, Caroline Ceniza-Levine, stated in an article on Forbes website that most agencies have some sort of specialisation. They build a contact list and concentrate their expertise in a specific industry. 

Lynx People is a recruitment agency dedicated to placing skilled international workers in the Australian workforce. When national companies can’t find local candidates, hiring foreigners may be a solution.

Based on a method used in the US, the Lynx consultant team assesses people from overseas to ensure they meet the criteria to be employed in Australia. After employment, they support the new staff member by assisting them to adapt to the new role, dealing with all of the paperwork.   

 – Listen to their advice. Recruiters cannot have the responsibility of writing a CV, a cover letter or talk on your behalf in an interview. However, they can give you instructions and share some valuable information with you. They can show you the path you must take to succeed. 

Lynx has already prepared some content to help foreigners who are looking for jobs in Australia. You can read how to create a winning Australian resume, how to improve your social resume, and how to overcome cultural barriers.   

Speak honestly about what you’re after. Before you start searching, you should identify your goals. What kind of job do you want and what do you expect from it? So, when you introduce yourself to a recruiter, they can understand your plan and put you in touch with the right employers. 

Demonstrate professionalism at all times. Recruiters are committed to filling every position a company has to offer with the best candidates. They will check if you’re a suitable candidate when they verify your qualifications and experiences, and in your interaction with them. In all situations, present yourself as if you were meeting or talking to an employer. Be punctual, respectful, and polite.

– Keep in touch, but ask how things should be done. You may feel the need to ask questions or for updates. You may also want to remind them that you are still seeking employment. Although most recruiters are more than willing to communicate, they may have a tight schedule. Confirming the best way to approach them will make this process easier.

 – Give recommendations. If they’ve assisted you in landing a job, let other people know. Recommend their services. If they call you about a position you won’t be able to apply for, or you don’t want to, recommend someone else for the job. It is a two-way road. This is how you keep your networking alive and your possibilities open.